R. B. Fields is a clinical therapist turned steamy romance author who believes that a rich fantasy life is imperative to health and happiness. She likes her characters strong and witty and her novels hot and heavy (usually at the same time). Whether you enjoy why choose biker romance, reverse harem paranormal romance, one-on-one billionaire bachelors, or erotic short stories, her work contains all the alpha heroes and sarcastic heroines readers love to fall for. Embark on an adventure where love, passion, and the complexities of the heart intertwine.

When she’s not writing, you can find R. B. running with her slobbery dog, drinking good coffee, or wandering into rooms and immediately forgetting why she went in there. She’s equally likely to be harassing her husband or her friends for the hell of it. A good prank is worth every moment spent in preparation. #girlpower #whychoose?

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Pygmalion Publishing
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Portland, Oregon, 97217

Email: rb@rbfields.com



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