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All Wet: Ten Erotic Short Stories

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Ten sexy short stories to keep you up all night. Reverse harem shorts with three and more partners, ropes, chains, and whipped cream, alpha vampires and hot doctors, outlaws and pirates, plus two one-on-one shorts with five-pepper spice. This erotic bundle has everything to tickle your sexy story itch! 

BOUND BY VAMPIRES: Alpha vampires need a queen… and they’ll do anything to keep her. Paranormal why-choose romance with a BDSM twist.

PIRATE BOOTY: If you’re a fan of hot as heck outlaw pirates, forced proximity, bondage, and steamy group scenes, “Pirate Booty” is the erotic short story for you!

THREE SCROOGES: Lexi’s looking forward to her first Christmas alone, but three handsome intruders have other ideas. This Christmas, she’ll show them exactly what she wants… even if it takes all night.

3 FOR DINNER: Sensual food, three sexy chefs, and a group erotic romance experience to remember. The only question is who gets to eat the cherry.

QUEENS WILD: Rose was furious when her boyfriend wagered her in a poker game, but the victors won’t let her be upset for long. RH revenge bet erotica featuring a cowboy, a mafia man, and a burly alpha.

THE CLINIC: Rachel’s boyfriend likes to watch. Luckily, his three hot doctor friends are sexy enough in this erotic workplace short story.

PRETTY AS A PICTURE: She’s new in town, but the alpha tattooed man in her painting is more than happy to welcome her in deliciously steamy ways in this one-on-one erotic short story.

ROOM ON TOP: Do you love hot lawyers, ménage à trois, and workplace BSDM action? “Room on Top” is the erotic short story for you!

MINE: There’s a sexy witch in the woods, and Beau has no reservations about hot loving in the moonlight in this one-on-one erotic short story.

CLAIMED BY OUTLAWS: Read the short story that spawned a complete fast-burn outlaw romance series! Spicy reverse harem romance with a hot biker twist, this erotic story delivers!

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