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TAKEN: A Steamy Reverse Harem Biker Romance (Claimed by Outlaws #1)

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Spicy reverse harem romance with an addictive bad boy biker twist, this complete contemporary fast-burn mc series will keep you in suspense!

They kidnapped her to keep her safe. Now they want to make her theirs.

The Renegades are an elusive group—probably urban legends, the bogeymen other bikers blame for their worst crimes. So, I never imagined that I’d meet one, let alone collide with them in a dark alley while trying to escape a long con gone bad. And I certainly didn’t plan on them forcing me onto a motorcycle and spiriting me away into the night. 

But plans change.

It’s not just my own criminal past or their robbery-in-progress that pose a problem—I know who they are. And the dead body at their feet means they can’t let me walk away. I’m going home with them whether I want to or not, but are they sure they can handle a con artist? Not only do we have their crimes to contend with, plus debts to a rival motorcycle club, but they’ve just agreed to absorb my exceptionally shady past. 

The outlaws don’t realize it yet, but we’ll be hunted to the ends of the earth, if not by their enemies, then by mine. The biggest among them might know more than he’s saying—he seems to want me gone, one way or another. But I’m not one to walk away from a good thing, and it soon becomes clear that I might be safer with them… if I can convince them keeping me around is a good idea.  

Alpha bikers don’t play nice—they behave as if they can’t be tamed. 

But they’ve never met Isabelle Cain.

Reverse harem romance with a motorcycle club twist, the Claimed by Outlaws series is a high heat reverse harem MC romance that features one badass con artist, her four biker lovers, and provocative MFMMM scenes. Why choose?

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