Reverse Harem Book News from Bestselling Author R. B. Fields

I can always tell when people are getting into my shorts because I start getting requests for additional (often very specific) series. Yes, I might create a full series about pirates to go with “Pirate Booty,” which (spoiler alert) is exactly what it sounds like. “Three Scrooges” also has some excellent hot-outlaw series potential. If hot-boss threesome workplace romance is your thing, “Room on Top” has you covered, however briefly. But as of right now, these stories are staying short and sweet and spicy. They also span a number of erotic genres: hot outlaw, hot boss, boyfriends who like to watch, even a few that edge supernatural. But all of my work maintains the same level of five pepper spice that you’ve come to expect from me. So, if you need a little something to pass this night (okay, a big something, and often more than one at a time) you can find all my shorts on my website along with the rest of my novels. 


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