Reverse Harem Book News from Bestselling Author R. B. Fields

When I first wrote “Claimed by Outlaws,” I intended it to be a short story full of blindfolds and edging and group loving. 

But plans change. The reader response to that short was nearly as intense as the erotic story itself. “When will there be a full novel with those characters?” they wanted to know. “Can you create a series around the men we met in that story?” 

Answer: absolutely. It was my pleasure. (wink, wink)

If you haven’t already downloaded the “Claimed by Outlaws” erotic short, you can find it here. Then move on to Taken, a full length reverse harem MC romance that features one badass female con artist with a penchant for stumbling into crimes in progress. It’s reverse harem romance with a Sons of Anarchy twist that I think you’ll love. 


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Sexy vampires with attitudes, a strong female hunter who holds the key to their demise, and a vampire race who knows her very existence is a threat. Things would be easier if she didn’t love them.

Read the short that spawned a series!

They don’t want her to know who they are.

She wants a more carnal knowledge than mere names.

It’s a match made in hot-biker heaven.


They kidnapped her to keep her safe. Now they want to make her theirs.

Isabelle never imagined that she’d meet a Renegade, let alone collide with them in a dark alley while trying to escape a long con gone bad. And she certainly didn’t plan on them forcing her onto a motorcycle and spiriting her away into the night.

But plans change.

Alpha bikers don’t play nice—they behave as if they can’t be tamed.

But they’ve never met Isabelle Cain.