Claimed by Outlaws: Steamy Reverse Harem Biker Romance

Reverse harem romance with a motorcycle club twist. 

Are you a fan of sexy, bad-boy alpha-male bikers? What about a strong female con artist with a penchant for stumbling into an MC at exactly the wrong time? The Claimed by Outlaws series is a steamy adventure that will keep you up well past your bedtime. 

Reading Order: 1. Taken; 2. Vixen; 3. Ridden; 4. Smitten; 5. Claimed by Outlaws (this erotic short story is not necessary to understand the other novels, but it is a hell of a ride)


Born of Darkness: Steamy Reverse Harem Vampire Romance

Steamy reverse harem romance for fans of Laurell K. Hamilton.

Sexy vampires with attitudes, and a strong female hunter who might just hold the key to their demise…if only she didn’t love them so much. But the rest of the vampire race knows Dawn can be their undoing; her very life is a threat. Can her hive of monsters defend her, and themselves, against the wrath of a species already on the verge of extinction?

Reading Order: 1. Beckoned; 2. Begrudged; 3. Beloved; 4. Bewitched

Erotic Short Stories

Do you like your romance short and sweet?

With partners from doctors to lawyers to mountain men to pirates, these shorts will scratch that sensual itch with a new set of men every night.