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I am their love, their life: Inamorata. But that doesn’t mean the rest of the vampire race will accept me as one of their own. They’d rather see me bleed. 

This prophecy is becoming a real pain in the ass.

My mother was murdered because of it. My hive of four gorgeous vampires has cheated death more than once trying to protect me. As for me, I’m just doing the best I can to survive while juggling a sadistic cult who wants me dead—which just happens to be led by my lover’s ex-wife—an old book proclaiming that I’m the key to killing all vampires where they stand, and four immortal mates bound to me with a connection so strong it’s more like an addiction.

But with time running out and powerful vampires getting closer to succeeding in their deadly mission to kill us all, our powers may not be sufficient—we may need another specialist. But that means I have to invite him into our hive and possess him as I have the others.

One thing’s for sure: When you want a job done right, sometimes it takes a hunter.

The Born of Darkness series is high heat reverse harem paranormal romance with a badass female hunter-witch hybrid, her five fated alpha vampire mates, and come-hither MFMMMM scenes. Why choose?

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