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Fate. Blood. Blades. Only one can come out victorious.

What happens when you mix a hunter witch with a half-vamp?

Me. And I’m as shocked as anyone.

So, it turns out the prophecy is true—I’m the key to destroying the vampire race, at least if you believe some old book. But the last part of the prophecy says we’re all dead if we stick together.

And that’s not something I can accept.

The only way to end this once and for all is to find the vampire who shares my bloodline,  the one who helped my mother hex me as a child—who turned me into the hunter-witch-vampire halfbreed that can take down vampires as a whole.

But finding my father is easier said than done—it seems he’s an expert at both dark magic and staying hidden. Figures. It doesn’t help that every vampire on the planet is after us.

I can’t escape fate, but love is stronger than blood. And I’m a hunter—I won’t let the vampires I love go down without a fight.

The Born of Darkness series is high steam reverse harem paranormal romance that features one female hunter, five fated vampire mates, and alluring MFMMMM scenes. #whychoose

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