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Isabelle never thought she’d meet a Renegade, let alone fall for all four. And she’ll do anything to keep them. Reverse harem romance with a motorcycle club twist.

Are you a fan of sexy, bad-boy alpha-male bikers? What about a strong female con artist with a penchant for stumbling into an MC at exactly the wrong time? The Claimed by Outlaws series is a steamy adventure that will keep you up well past your bedtime.

This boxed set includes the first two novels in the Claimed by Outlaws series, plus the bonus short story that inspired it all.

CLAIMED BY OUTLAWS: The short story that spawned a complete fast-burn outlaw romance series! They don’t want her to know who they are. She wants a more carnal knowledge than mere names. It’s a match made in hot-biker heaven.

TAKEN: In this steamy reverse harem romance, con artist Isabelle finds herself in trouble when her scam interrupts four outlaws in the act. To keep her quiet, they snatch her away — and before long, they’re determined to make her theirs. Alpha bikers don’t play nice. They behave as if they can’t be tamed. But they’ve never met Isabelle Cain.

VIXEN: They had one task: escape into the wilderness and live out the rest of their days happy and randy. But when the man who was supposed to get them out of town turns up dead, they realize a more sinister enemy intends to keep them close by. And while it’s their friend on the floor, it’s Isabelle’s nickname on the wall in his blood.

She probably should have told them her ex was an assassin.

The Claimed by Outlaws series is a high heat reverse harem MC romance that features one badass con artist, her five biker lovers, and provocative MFMMMM scenes. Why choose?

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