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Everyone has a past. But we’ll have to pay dearly to secure our future. 

It seems we’re off to Scotland.

Me and my group of hot-as-hell bikers were just finding our rhythm when a knock at the door screwed everything up. Someone’s after us. Again. But instead of attacking us directly, they kidnapped the only family any of us have on the outside: an innocent woman, the sister of one of my guys, and a child the club has been protecting since birth.

But our enemy wants more than revenge, or they’d have murdered us outright. What do they need from us? Who among us are they really after? None of us have any idea, but their cryptic warning makes it clear that we only have a short time to figure it out.

All we have to do is find two missing kidnapping victims in a foreign country while skirting the police and keeping a low profile, since my guys are all wanted men. No big deal. But if we don’t succeed, there will be more blood on our hands than any of us can accept.

We have one chance to save a mother and her innocent child—one chance to save our family.

We’re about to find out what this group is made of.

The Claimed by Outlaws series is a high heat reverse harem MC romance that features one badass con artist, her five alpha biker mates, and provocative MFMMMM scenes. Why choose?

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