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I never thought I’d meet a Renegade, let alone fall for all four. And I’ll do anything to keep them.

We had one task: escape into the wilderness and live out the rest of our days happy and randy…or something like that. But when the man who was supposed to get us out of town turns up dead, we realize a more sinister enemy intends to keep us close by. And while it’s their friend on the floor, it’s my nickname on the wall in his blood.

I probably should have told them my ex was an assassin.

In my defense, I didn’t think I’d ever see him again. Blade probably lost his mind when he realized I was with not one, but four other men. He always was the jealous sort. Or maybe he’s mad that I stole from him—yeah, probably that last one. But I certainly didn’t expect our paths to cross like this. Blade’s a member of the motorcycle club my group does contract work for. Doesn’t that just figure?

From financial entanglements to loyalties, the complications feel never-ending. I have no doubt that Blade will exact his revenge on the men I’ve come to love. And I can’t let them pay for my mistakes.

If Blade wants to come for me, he better be packing more than his knife.

The Claimed by Outlaws series is a high heat reverse harem MC romance that features one badass female con artist, her four alpha biker mates, and provocative MFMMM scenes. Why choose?

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