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His new assistant is strong-willed, beautiful, and off-limits. She’s also the only woman he’s ever loved… and neither of them have any idea.  

Cara Fitzgerald has never claimed to be perfect. Caring for her ailing grandmother has always taken precedence over her career ambitions—she didn’t aspire to be a phone sex operator. But when the woman who raised her dies, Cara discovers that she’s in dire straits. The bank wants the house, the only thing she has left. Luckily, her best friend has an in at O’Connor Media Enterprises, working as an assistant to the quietly alluring and mysterious Finn O’Connor. What could go wrong?

Finn O’Connor follows the rules… mostly. But he has a secret love that he’s never told his brothers about—a woman he’s only ever spoken to on the phone. They can’t be together; pursuing her would send their company stock into a tailspin. Besides, what phone sex operator falls for a john? Though he knows it’s unhealthy to obsess about her, he can’t seem to stop.

All that changes when he meets his new assistant–his attraction to her might finally put an end to his illicit phone-only romance. But Cara is off-limits; he can’t date an employee. And there’s no way his family, already embroiled in upheaval, will let another scandal rock their company.

Finn can’t have her without risking everything he holds dear. But he also can’t let her go. Deceiving her to preserve their business relationship might be wrong, but Finn has no choice–the thought of living without her might break him for good. So might the secrets that Cara is keeping from him.

Will their lies ignite a long-hidden passion? Or will the truth of their forbidden romance tear them apart permanently? 

Working for the Billionaire is a high-heat hidden identity billionaire romance that features a wealthy, sexy-as-hell mogul and the wrong-side-of-the-tracks heroine who secretly holds his heart. It is the third novel in the Filthy Rich Bachelors series, though all novels in the Filthy Rich Bachelors world can be read as standalones. Fans of J.T. Geissinger, Ana Huang, or Meghan March will love Working for the Billionaire

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