Reverse Harem Book News from Bestselling Author R. B. Fields

Hey there! I’m R.B. and I’m so happy you’re here. But I can do more than tell you about my books. I have a whole slew of reader bonuses all lined up for subscribers. If you like materials you can’t get elsewhere, free stories, even a little audio, you’ve come to the right place. All you have to do is sign up for my reader group here, and you’re on your way to snagging freebies and special offers (I’d rather be eaten by a vampire in every sense of that phrase than spam you). As a clinical therapist turned erotic romance author, I know that fantasy is an amazingly rich experience–reverse harem novels should be a tapestry of emotion and eroticism. And, of course, the sultry-steamy scenes that keep you up well past your bedtime. Who wouldn’t want that?


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