Reverse Harem Book News from Bestselling Author R. B. Fields

I have always been a huge Laurell K. Hamilton fan, so when I first dove into the paranormal romance genre, it was like getting back to my roots. Reverse harems where the main character doesn’t have to choose? YES PLEASE! I also like a little bit of grit and adventure.

Enter the Born of Darkness series. Born of Darkness is high heat reverse harem paranormal romance that features one badass female hunter, her four fated vampire mates, and provocative MFMMMM scenes. And from the reviews, it’s delivering on its spicy-sexy promises.


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Sexy vampires with attitudes, a strong female hunter who holds the key to their demise, and a vampire race who knows her very existence is a threat. Things would be easier if she didn’t love them.

By day, I’m an emergency room nurse. By night, I’m a hunter, stalking serial killers that the police can’t catch…until one of my hunts goes bad, and the only thing standing between me and certain death is a handsome stranger who just happens to come with fangs.

But it seems saving my life isn’t enough—he says I’m coming home with him.

It turns out my quarry was a vamp too, and vampires aren’t supposed to kill their own, especially not over a human. Oops. It won’t be long until the dead vampire’s clan catches up with us.

And though my new friend’s hive of alpha warriors each have their merits, not all four are friendly—some would rather throw me to our enemies than help. It makes them especially nervous that their powers don’t work when I’m nearby. But it soon becomes clear that we’ll need each other to get out of this alive.

What alpha vampires want, alpha vampires get.

And what they want is me.

Why choose just one?